A Beautiful Tagaytay Wedding From Foreveryday Photography

To say this wedding is pretty is an understatement.  Everything about it is utterly beautiful and while I love every bit of my wedding, I find myself repeatedly saying “Why didn’t I do that?!” specially after looking at the breathtaking photos captured by Foreveryday Photography. 😀

This dreamy Tagaytay countryside wedding is a perfect mix of vivids and pastels.  What’s even more inspiring to know is the fact that almost everything is DIY – from the chandeliers, to the table decor, to the invites.  The couple really had a vision and with the help of family and friends, were able to make their dream wedding a reality.  It is a collaboration of love and more than anything, that’s what makes this affair above and beyond beautiful.
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Photography: Foreveryday Photography
Ceremony Location: Chapel on a Hill
Reception Location: Tagaytay Estate
Floral Design: Yohan’s Flower Shop
Event Design: DIY
Catering: K by Cunanan
Event Planning: Once a Bride Weddings
Invitations: Jonathan Manaois (design), Amis Print (printing)
Entertainment: Serenata Strings
Ceremony Dress: Percy Barillo
Reception Dress: Tammy Tan
Groom’s Suit: JC Ulanday
Shoes: Pedro
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Tammy Tan
Makeup: Mickey See
Hair Stylist: John Valle

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