A Colorful Summer Wedding From Nice Print Photography

Who knew that tattoos, flowers, fun summer colors and vintage styling could go well together? Today’s featured wedding is an interesting medley of various ideas from fun-loving couple Peevee and Kenneth.  With top-notch wedding suppliers working together such as K by Cunanan Catering, Vatel Manila, Jigs Mayuga, Shortcrust Cake Shop by Peachy Juban, and Nice Print Photography, to name just a few,  you know you’re definitely in for a treat!

This joyous and colorful fete is awe-inspiring and without a doubt, beautiful and you’ll all get to enjoy it with these amazing photos from Nice Print Photography.

A little trivia:  Our photographer and videographer for our wedding back in 2011 was Nice Print Photography.  They have come a long way since then and have become a favored celebrity photographer today.  Our wedding was also held in Mt. Carmel Parish and so looking at these photos brought back fond memories of my own wedding. 🙂

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From the Bride:  When Kenneth proposed to me Last May 9, 2012 during our 3rd anniversary, he filled his room with colorful post-its (mala John Lloyd Cruz dawang peg yung movie nila ni Toni Gonzaga) and wrote all these pick up lines that he wanted to say to me then the last post-it that I read was his proposal then he knelt down, proposed and gave me a very pretty engagement ring.

The date we chose for our wedding is also our anniversary so we will only have one date to remember. Haha! During the wedding planning, Kenneth and I tried to look for suppliers and event places ourselves by going to some bridal fairs but we weren’t impressed with some of the suppliers we got from the bridal fair and it was hard to keep up with our busy schedules at work so we decided to get a wedding coordinator. Our coordinators were referred by our good friend who just got married also and our coordinators are just heaven sent. They helped us get some of the best and unknown suppliers (parang unsung heroes ba kase underdog sila. Hindi sila kilala pero ka level nila yung mga kilalang suppliers).  Our coordinators eventually became our close friends because of the time that we spent during our meetings. They were a big part of our wedding preparations. If it weren’t for them, we won’t be having an organized wedding. 

We don’t actually know how to call the theme of our wedding. Our inspirations were summer colors, vintage, flowers and our tattoos. We have a lot of tattoos so we kind of incorporated that in our wedding as well. Our goal was to have a very relax, fun, classy and simple wedding.

Kenneth, being the groom, is very hands-on during the wedding planning and preparations.

We didn’t spend much on our gowns/suit. We focused more on the other details like our shoes, wedding rings, reception (food, ambiance, etc.), hair and make up, souvenirs and other accessories, those that the guests will remember and cherish about our special day. Our gowns/suit were made by Carina Canlas – Villaluz. She makes one of the best gowns and suit for weddings. Her rates are not as expensive as those who are well known designers but the gowns/suit are the same quality. I chose Jigs Mayuga as my make up artist because I am a fan of his works and for our wedding ring and Kenneth’s Louboutin shoes, we had to fly to Hongkong to buy them and we had to fly to Singapore for my pink Louboutin shoes. Our cake by Chef Peachy Juban is the prettiest! She was our college professor in De La Salle – College of St. Benilde so we know that she really makes the best cakes!

I love love, love flowers! So I chose Vatel Manila for the flowers (my bouquet and entourage’s bouquet) because for me, they make the best flower arrangement here in the Philippines especially for weddings.

We were very, very happy with the outcome of the wedding. We were very happy that our families and friends had a blast during our wedding day.


  1. Set your budget but of course, don’t be afraid to splurge on the details that you love and you know you can keep (or your guests) and cherish forever!
  2. If you’re both busy, get a coordinator. They will lessen you stress!
  3. When planning/choosing your church, reception, caterer etc. Always consider your family and friends. They are a part of your wedding too so you have to consider if they will be very happy about it too.
  4. It is just normal that the bride’s ideas are most considered on the planning, but do not underestimate the groom’s ideas and suggestions. They have great ideas too!
  5. Pray while planning. He is the best coordinator!
  6. Do what you LOVE with the person you LOVE. Wedding planning is very stressful but doing it together is the best thing about the planning and preparation!
  7. Enjoy, smile and make wonderful memories on your special day!


Church: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish
Preps: Luxent Hotel
Reception: The Glass Garden
Caterer: K by Cunanan
Coordinator: Epic Events (  Lois De Leon-De Gracia Alain De Gracia)
Emcee: Kim Valdez
Sounds and Lights: Jamsy Lights and Sounds
Photobooth: Flipbooks
Bridal Gown,Entourage Gowns, Groom’s Suit: Carina Canlas-Villaluz
Make Up: Jigs Mayuga
Hair: Jaime Sy
Invitations: Booked Prints

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