A Shabby Chic 1st Birthday Party

Shabby chic is indeed a popular theme not only for weddings but kids’ parties as well. Here we have a shabby chic birthday party designed by Sweet Nest Candy Buffet that is overflowing with lots of lovely and creative details. The ceiling decors consist mainly of paper pompoms and lanterns in pretty pastel colors of peach, pink and blue.  The flowers, doilies, lace, pearls, floral prints and the dessert treats are all so dainty and pretty it makes a great source of inspiration for a fabulous shabby chic or any other kind of girls party.

Feast your eyes on these wonderful images from Kandice Lovi’s party captured by Joshua de Guzman of Project JDG. Enjoy! 🙂
Shabby-Chic-Party_01 Shabby-Chic-Party_00 Shabby-Chic-Party_02 Shabby-Chic-Party_03 Shabby-Chic-Party_04 Shabby-Chic-Party_05 Shabby-Chic-Party_06 Shabby-Chic-Party_07 Shabby-Chic-Party_08 Shabby-Chic-Party_09 Shabby-Chic-Party_10 Shabby-Chic-Party_11 Shabby-Chic-Party_13 Shabby-Chic-Party_14 Shabby-Chic-Party_15 Shabby-Chic-Party_16 Shabby-Chic-Party_17 Shabby-Chic-Party_18 Shabby-Chic-Party_19 Shabby-Chic-Party_20 Shabby-Chic-Party_22 Shabby-Chic-Party_23 Shabby-Chic-Party_24 Shabby-Chic-Party_25 Shabby-Chic-Party_26 Shabby-Chic-Party_27 Shabby-Chic-Party_28 Shabby-Chic-Party_29 Shabby-Chic-Party_30 Shabby-Chic-Party_31 Shabby-Chic-Party_32 Shabby-Chic-Party_33 Shabby-Chic-Party_35 Shabby-Chic-Party_36 Shabby-Chic-Party_39 div

Event Styling and Candy Buffet: Sweet Nest Candy Buffet
Photography: Project JDG Facebook
Photo Booth: Click in the Box
Cake: Sugarplum Pastries
Host: Wizzo
Invites: Madiko Designs