A Shabby Chic Tea Party by Design Avenue

Shabby Chic party themes seem to be the ongoing trend for girl parties.  There are just so many lovely details you can infuse in a Shabby Chic themed party which I think is the reason it’s a popular choice for a theme.

Today we have a Shabby Chic Tea Party styled and submitted by Kris of Design Avenue. The party used a color scheme of soft hues of pink, lavender and turquoise blue.  I specially loved the floral teapots and the wooden picket fence backdrop with the flowers and paper buntings.

Here’s what Kris of Design Avenue had to say about styling the party:

We have transformed Max’s restaurant to a dainty tea party with a “shabby-chic” feel. Decors are concentrated on wood, paper and fresh flowers.  Tea pots where displayed as table centerpiece accented with fresh flowers like rose, carnation and asters matched with pictures of the celebrant in wooden easel. Ceiling decor consists of minimal balloons and large tissue pompoms. Stage Backdrop are customized paper buntings, paper pinwheels, rustic bottles with fresh flowers hanging on the wooden picket fence. The dessert spread has french macarons, gummies and mallows, cupcake, eclair and cream puff. We placed a personalized water bottle for the kids to enjoy too 🙂

Shabby Chic Tea Party_01 Shabby Chic Tea Party_05 Shabby-Chic-Tea-Party_01 Shabby Chic Tea Party Shabby Chic Tea Party_09 Shabby-Chic-Tea-Party_02 Shabby Chic Tea Party_10 Shabby Chic Tea Party_11 Shabby Chic Tea Party_12 Shabby Chic Tea Party_13 Shabby Chic Tea Party_14 Shabby Chic Tea Party_15 div

Party Venue: Max’s Tomas Morato
Event Stylist: Design Avenue by Kris Lopez
Party Host: Alex Lagula
Loot Bags: Papel by Jonah

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