An Umbrella Themed Birthday Party

From my daughter’s DIY Minnie Mouse party, here’s another DIY birthday party only this time it isn’t a cartoon character themed one. This umbrella themed party is unique and downright adorable!  The umbrella stage backdrop as well as the picture frames on the tables are my favorite party details.  The parasol cupcake toppers and the pink and orange umbrella cake by Gracielicious are so pretty, too.  Of course, the cutest and most charming that day would be the birthday girl who wore a dress by Boy Kastner Santos.  Before I leave you with amazing photos from the wonderful team of Reflective Chemistry, here’s a bit about the party from the celebrant’s mommy:

Since themed parties are the way to go these days, we wanted something unique. We want to veer away with the character themed parties since most of what we see are already based on that. Another consideration is that it should be easy to implement since we would not be getting an event stylist. It will just be all labor of love. Mainly the inspiration came from our daughter’s name which is Raine. Timing even made it better since it is on August so hello to rainy days. Thus, we chose an umbrella theme with colors of different shades of orange and pink. All the rest revolve in that.

rainne001 rainne002 rainne003 rainne004a rainne004-umbrella-themed-party rainne005 rainne006 rainne007 rainne008 rainne009 rainne010 rainne011 rainne012 rainne013 rainne014 rainne015 rainne016b rainne017 rainne018-umbrella-themed-party rainne020 rainne021 rainne028 rainne027 rainne031 rainne038 rainne039 rainne040 rainne043 rainne044 rainne051 div

Photography: Reflective Chemistry
Venue: Stonecrest Clubhouse
Caterer: Queensland Catering
Event Styling: Rachelle Red-Reyes (celebrant’s mommy)
Host: Jiggles the Balloon Lady
Celebrants Gown: Boy Kastner Santos
Flowers: Serge Igonia
Invitations: Ink and Scissors
Cake: Gracielicious
Cupcakes: Yummy Choices
Giveaways: Handicrafts Atbp.

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