Alexa’s Arts and Crafts Birthday Party from Foreveryday Photography

Colorful, bright and beautiful are just some of the words to describe Alexa’s arts and crafts party.  It surely is an eye candy but apart from being that, this no-boys-except-daddy event is filled with activities that ignite every little girl’s creative spark. From mixing colors, painting and sticking pretty decals on canvases to learning how to make beaded necklaces, the girls surely had fun and all while wearing those beautiful floral headdresses!

I hope these wonderful photos captured by Foreveryday Photography brightens your day as much as it did mine.  Enjoy! 🙂

Floral Headdresses Arts-and-Crafts-Party_11 arts-and-crafts-party_29 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_13 arts-and-craft-party Arts and Crafts Party arts-and-craft-party_6 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_04 arts-and-craft-party_2 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_05 arts-and-craft-party_4 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_06 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_07 arts-and-craft-party_7 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_08 arts-and-crafts-party_30 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_03 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_02 arts-and-craft-party_5 arts-and-craft-party_3 arts-and-craft-party_8 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_09 arts-and-craft-party_11 arts-and-craft-party_10 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_10 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_12 arts-and-craft-party_9 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_14 arts-and-craft-party_12 Arts-and-Crafts-Party_15 div

Venue: Stacy’s, The Fort
Photography: Foreveryday Photography