Beach Themed Party from Little People Lifestyle Photography

Who says a beach party has to be at a beach?  This darling beach themed party sent in and photographed by Krissy of Little People Lifestyle Photography may be set far from where there is sand, sun and shore but the big, beautiful pool that served as the backdrop for the party as well as the cute party decors, more than made up for the absence of an actual seashore.  Decorating would have been a breeze if the party was actually set up at the beach. Thanks to Bambi Hernandez of Alice’s Wonderland who did a wonderful job styling the party and giving it that beach-y feel. Beach umbrellas, lounge chairs and floaters were used to decorate the pool area. Beach elements were also incorporated into the cake, cupcakes and treats from the dessert table. Definitely a fabulous party for beach baby, Rick!

Beach Theme Party_01 Beach Theme Party_02 Beach Theme Party_03 Beach Theme Party_04 Beach Theme Party_05 Beach Theme Party_06 Beach Theme Party_07 Beach Theme Party_08 Beach Theme Party_09 Beach Theme Party_10 Beach Theme Party_11 Beach Theme Party_12 Beach Theme Party_13 Beach Theme Party_14 Beach Theme Party_15 Beach Themed Birthday Cake Beach Theme Party_17 Beach Theme Party_18 Beach Theme Party_19 Beach Themed cupcakes Beach Theme Party_21 Beach Theme Party_22 Beach Theme Party_23 Beach Themed Dessert Buffet Beach Theme Party_25 Beach Theme Party_26 Beach Theme Party_27 div
Photography: Little People Lifestyle Photography
Styling: Bambi Hernandez of Alice’s Wonderland