Boracay Wedding by Toto Villaruel

Looking at the photos of this Boracay wedding by Toto Villaruel is enough to make this summer day burst with sunshine pretty.  Boracay has been known to be a favorite summer getaway and now, it has also become a popular choice for destination weddings.  Boracay Island is gorgeous on its own, but on the day of Dan and Tesa’s union and with a lovely blend of wedding colors coral, light teal vanilla and brown, it became a whole lot more beautiful!  I hope you’ll enjoy these stunning photos as much as I did!

dan-tesa-1 dan-tesa-2 dan-tesa-7 dan-tesa-6 dan-tesa-5 dan-tesa-4 dan-tesa-3 dan-tesa-9 dan-tesa-10 dan-tesa-11 dan-tesa-12 dan-tesa-13 dan-tesa-18 dan-tesa-17 Bride-19 Bride-16
dan-tesa-16 dan-tesa-15 dan-tesa-14 dan-tesa-19 dan-tesa-20 dan-tesa-21 dan-tesa-22 dan-tesa-23 dan-tesa-27 dan-tesa-26 dan-tesa-25 dan-tesa-24 dan-tesa-29 dan-tesa-30 dan-tesa-28 dan-tesa-31 dan-tesa-32 dan-tesa-33 dan-tesa-38 dan-tesa-37 dan-tesa-36 dan-tesa-35 dan-tesa-34 dan-tesa-39 dan-tesa-40 dan-tesa-41 dan-tesa-42 dan-tesa-43 dan-tesa-45 dan-tesa-44 dan-tesa-48 dan-tesa-47 dan-tesa-46 From the Bride: We didn’t have one central theme but a wedding full of little inspirations that just ended up flowing together (thank goodness!). We first decided on coral (with vanilla and brown accents). We wanted to incorporate a travel theme, which is demonstrated in our stationary and welcome bags. We kept a lot of it a secret because we wanted to surprise our friends and family and we received amazing feedback on all the details. It was a wonderful feeling to have all our hard work and late nights recognized!

One of my favourite memories of the wedding has to be the moment of my bridal march. I was incredibly nervous waiting for the doors to show my reveal and trying to remember not to trip! As the big wooden doors finally opened, I was overcome with a sense of peace, love, happiness and confidence that I was steps away from meeting my soon-to-be husband 🙂


Photography: Toto Villaruel | Gown: Veejay Floresca | Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy | Groom/Groomsmen Suits: Mexx | Flowers: Teddy Manuel | Coordination: Boracay Weddings & Events by Amanda Tirol | Preparation & Reception: Discovery Shores Boracay | Ceremony: Holy Rosary Church | Invitations: Pixel Paper Hearts | Video: Shierdan Pamintuan | Hair & Makeup: Victor Ortega | Officiant: Rev. Fr. Fernando Suarez

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  1. These wedding photos are beautiful!!! I’ve always imagined my own wedding, and I think I’d love to have photos like these. Or better yet, have Toto Villaruel take them! 😀

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