A Whimsical Under the Sea Birthday Party

When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a mermaid. Yep, I was one of those little girls who were fascinated by that mythical creature. I collected Little Mermaid stickers, notepads and loved watching the Disney film, too. And so, seeing this delightful Under the Sea party and all its charming details brought back such fond memories!

I love the styling and how the colors blue green, coral and pink created a real under the sea feel. The treats from the dessert table and the little seahorses on the paper straws are some of my favorite party details. The stage backdrop by Amante Fleurs is very lovely, too!

Thanks to La Belle Fete Weddings & Events for sharing with us this enchanting party. Here’s what they said about the party planning and theme conceptualization:

This theme showcases under the sea ideas highlighting the whimsical mermaid elements. We named the theme UNDER THE C – C being the first letter of our little muse’s name. We have come up with a sweet and darling color scheme of blue-green ombre with coral and carnation pink. The result was a very dainty party with fun mood that was surely enjoyed by both young and young at heart.

IMG_0479 Caitlyn 2 under-the-sea-party-decor IMG_0481 under-the-sea-birthday-cake under-the-sea-party IMG_0740 IMG_0526

Under The Sea Bubble Guppies Birthday Party

Bubble Guppies Dessert Table

If you have a kid who loves watching Nick Jr., then you probably have heard of the animated show Bubble Guppies.  If it sounds new to you, then it’s time to get acquainted with these fish-tailed cuties by checking out this darling Bubble Guppies themed birthday party!

Thanks to Joelle of The Party Starters Events for sharing Rhyn’s party all the way from the United States.  She did such an amazing job styling the party that I had a hard time choosing which photos to post.  Some of my favorite party details are the super adorable goldfish marshmallow pops which Joelle also made herself, by the way. Another would be the “RHYN” lettering which when you look at closely, is like made of shiny fish scales! I also love the goldfish party favors because really, who wouldn’t want to take home a cute goldfish pet? 🙂

If you think the dessert table is lovely, just wait ’til you see the rest. Enjoy!
Bubble Guppies Dessert Table Bubble Guppies Mallow Pops Bubble Guppies Party Ideas Bubble Guppies Party Ideas Photography by Burlap & Blossom | burlapandblossom.com Photography by Burlap & Blossom | burlapandblossom.com Bubble Guppies Party Photography by Burlap & Blossom | burlapandblossom.com


An Umbrella Themed Birthday Party

From my daughter’s DIY Minnie Mouse party, here’s another DIY birthday party only this time it isn’t a cartoon character themed one. This umbrella themed party is unique and downright adorable!  The umbrella stage backdrop as well as the picture frames on the tables are my favorite party details.  The parasol cupcake toppers and the