A Beautiful Caleruega Wedding from Manny and April Photography

Nothing is more beautiful than a wedding with a bride who looks the happiest on her wedding day and a groom who has nothing but the look of pure love and adoration for his bride.  Such is the wedding of Allan and Guizel.  It’s the kind of wedding that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside just by looking at the lovely couple.

This intimate affair was made even more beautiful with the works of top wedding vendors such as Vatel Manila for the flowers and wedding bouquet, {etc} Handmade Goodness for the boutonnieres and Emil Ocampo for the bridal gown, groom’s suit and bridesmaid dresses.  To capture all the beauty and precious moments from this special day is the very talented husband and wife tandem of Manny and April Photography.
Manny and April Photography_A+G_001 Manny and April Photography_A+G_0005 Manny and April Photography_A+G_0004 Manny and April Photography_A+G_0002 Allan-Guizel-Wedding-3 Manny and April Photography_A+G_0006 Manny and April Photography_A+G_0007 Allan-Guizel-Wedding-2 Manny and April Photography_A+G_0010 Allan-Guizel-Wedding Manny and April Photography_A+G_0015