A Charming Laguna Wedding from Drew & Czy of Reflective Chemistry

It’s the beginning of a new week and what better way to start it than with this lovely wedding set in the beautiful town of Laguna.  This wedding is the epitome of rustic meets modern meets traditional. Hues of white and yellow and a pop of rose pink mixed with rustic details and the homey surroundings of Casa San Pablo gave this event an exceptionally rustic and natural vibe with a hint of modern. Adding to the myriad of lovely rustic details are the classic cakes by Joy San Gabriel. Indeed, Aldrich and Carla’s wedding  is really something else.  It is an event filled with love, happiness and beauty all remarkably photographed by Drew & Czy of Reflective Chemistry.

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A Rustic Chic Garden Wedding From Redscale Studios

I think we can all agree that garden weddings are beautiful.  Take for instance this rustic, garden wedding held at the lovely and luxurious Hacienda Isabella resort.  Details such as the ornamental stone flowerpots, old lamps and wooden tables with burlap table runners blended in seamlessly with the resort’s stunning vista giving off an elegant and rustic chic vibe.  Of course no wedding is complete without the bride and groom who both wore a Jo Rubio creation.  The groom looked handsome wearing a traditional barong while the bride was a sight to behold in her classically dramatic wedding dress adorned with beads and laces.   To give us a glimpse of that darling day is Redscale Studios who vividly captured every perfect moment.
Christine+Pep - 001 Christine+Pep - 003 Christine+Pep - 002 Christine+Pep - 004 Christine+Pep - 010 Redscale Studios Christine+Pep - 013 Christine+Pep - 041 Christine+Pep - 024 Christine+Pep - 027 Christine+Pep - 031