DIY Rustic Packaging For Travel Themed Wedding

I’ve always been a sucker for anything that has a vintage and rustic feel to it and that is why I am so excited for today’s feature!  Koni Esteban of Candidly Pretty shares with us a great gift packaging idea to add to your gifts and favors a personal touch and make it more special.

DIY Rustic Packaging MATERIALS:

Craft box
Jute twine

DIY Rustic Packaging For this DIY project, Koni used a bicycle trinket for a rustic travel themed wedding.  You may substitute it with your preferred trinket to match your theme.    I still find Quiapo to be the best place to go to when looking for charms, trinkets and beads.


DIY Rustic Packaging Step 1: Place the doily on the center of the craft box.

DIY Rustic Packaging Step 2: Bring two ends of the jute twine on the middle.

DIY Rustic Packaging Cross over.

DIY Rustic Packaging With one end of the twine on top of the craft box, pull the other end under and over the box.

DIY Rustic Packaging DIY Rustic Packaging Tie into a knot.

DIY Rustic Packaging Step 3: Secure the trinket in place.

DIY Rustic Packaging Step 4: Tie into a bow.

Easy peasy, right?  You can find more DIY tutorials like this on Koni’s blog or if you want a hands-on training to help you DIY your wedding, Koni is also holding a craft workshop on handmade wedding details.

All photos are from the Candidly Pretty blog.

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