An Engagement Shoot and Surprise Wedding Proposal In One

Just like how every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding, she also wishes for a sweet and beautiful wedding proposal. Admit it ladies,  we all love hearing romantic wedding proposal stories.  Well this proposal is definitely one for the books and I am so happy Mhel shared their story with us!  Mhel asked me to summarize their story but with a sweet story like this, you’ll really want to tell it as it is.

Daye and Mhel have been together for almost 10 years.  It was November last year, when they talked about getting married and a month thereafter, they started planning their wedding. Yes!  No ring, no proposal at all.

On with the wedding preparations, Mhel and Daye decided to get Gail Bitoon of Foreveryday Photography to do their prenup shoot. During their meeting, Gail asked the two how Daye proposed but since no proposal happened, Mhel had no story to tell.  Then Daye said, “Hintayin mo lang.” (You just wait.).   So it seemed like Daye already had a plan up his sleeves that time because Mhel also caught Daye and Gail talking quietly, almost like a whisper, and when she asked the two what they were talking about, well, they just ignored her.

On the day of the prenup shoot, Mhel still did not have an inkling that something special was about to happen.  When asked by their engagement shoot stylist, Aira Franco, to wear her engagement ring, Mhel explained that they did not have a formal engagement so she doesn’t have a ring. Daye again said, “Hintayin mo lang.” (You just wait.). Hint hint!

The shoot went on like usual and while they were busy posing and photographers were taking pictures of them, Daye said “Wait.”  What he did next surprised Mhel.  Daye knelt down in front of Mhel and presented her a ring in a heart-shaped box.  It caused  a bit of panic to the photographers who wanted to capture the sweet moment.  Even Gail who gave Daye the idea to propose during the shoot was surprised because he did not know exactly when and how Daye will do it.

Mhel describes it as surreal. She says “At that moment, there was a sudden feeling that it was just the two of us around. I can’t remember exactly what happened all I know is that he slipped the ring on my finger and kissed it. I can’t explain my reaction. I was crying and laughing at the same time. It felt like a fairy tale. The background, the dress and my prince. Perfect set up!”

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The pictures clearly show the couple’s happiness and love for each other. Mhel’s reaction is pure joy while Daye is a picture of a contented man who is happy he has made his truelove happy.

Kudos to the great team of photographers headed by Gail of Foreveryday Photography for they were able to capture this pure and priceless moment!

Thanks again, Mhel, for sharing your story. It is probably one of the sweetest wedding proposals I know. It’s not everyday you get proposed to, much more, get a surprise wedding proposal on the day of your prenup shoot. I only have the best wishes for you and Daye in your upcoming wedding! 🙂

Photos by Foreveryday Photography |  Styling by Aira Franco |  Hair and Makeup by Fritz Mortel  |  Venue: The Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort |  Special thanks to W@W from Mhel

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