Hasmukh and Kathlynn: A Celebration of Love and Life from Your Ever After Studios

Two things that are making me extra giddy with excitement today – the fact that it’s already Christmas tomorrow and this very special and beautiful celebration. It is no secret how much I love DIY parties which is what this celebration is but more importantly, I say it is extra special because it is not just a union of one lovely couple, Hasmukh and Kathlynn, but is also the dedication of their little girl.

With just a few months to plan everything and a limited budget to work with, the couple chose to have an intimate wedding where everything is just laid-back, casual and fun.  To save up on costs, the did the decors and styled the venue themselves.  It helps, too, that the couple had very talented friends and relatives. Kathlynn’s mom did her and her daughter’s dresses while her sister inked the invitation. Most of the decors that they used, they sourced out from local markets and their own homes. Very resourceful and creative indeed! Documenting this celebration is the talented team of Your Ever After Studios who was able to capture not just the details but the precious candid moments as well.  Meanwhile, here’s what the bride had to say about their wedding:

Having had a court marriage in India 7 years ago, we’ve always wanted to hold a spiritual ceremony but kept putting it off because one thing or another kept coming up. However after a decade of loving each other, we had our baby girl and it just made perfect sense for us to hold a celebration. Ours was not only a Christian wedding but also a dedication of our little girl so our day was a celebration of true love, of new life, and of our continuing happy ever after. We only had 3 months to plan everything and a teensy tiny budget to go with it. Good thing I’ve already had ideas tucked away in my mind for years now. With our budget and time constraints, we wanted a very casual, intimate, and do-able event. Key words were casual, low-key, laid-back, artsy, and carefree. We wanted the vibe to be like a small backyard wedding where guests can put down their hair and kick off their shoes.

Because of our tiny budget and because for me homemade equates to charming, we did almost everything DIY and nothing too polished. We didn’t do much to the place as it stood beautifully on its own. We just perked things up by hanging lanterns my sister gave me and scattering balloons on the grass area to add whimsy and playfulness to the venue. I love ribbons and sashes and strings so these had to be big elements in the wedding. We bought fabric, cut it up, and made our ceremony ribbon backdrop. The event signage I crafted from yarn and chalk. I made paper tissue tassels that I attached to the lanterns. A lot of things we used for the wedding were my mom’s. She used to have a vintage/country shop. So the varied doilies for the tables, the mason jars for the flowers, old frames, teapots to decorate the cake table, etc., I borrowed from her. For the favors, the kids got loot bags and the adults got succulents and other varied plants in mugs. Plants were also from my mom’s garden and mugs were bought from a retail store. Instead of a guest book, guests were asked to write on paper doilies as love notes. We also hung up a timeline of our story in photos from when we first dated to when our daughter was born, dotted with quotes from F. Scott Fitzgerald, Louis de Bernieres, and the bible.

Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_29 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_01 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_28 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_13 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_11 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_10 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_09 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_16 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_23

The flowers we just ordered from the local market (palengke) and my bouquet was a couple of red torch flowers from my mom’s garden. I cut the flowers, put a few sprigs of baby’s breath, tied a ribbon around it, and voila!

My dress was sewn lovingly by my amazing and talented mom. She also sewed a matching dress for my baby girl. My mom made my capelet, too, and we beaded it together.

Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_14 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_02 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_03 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_05 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_06 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_07 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_08 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_04 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_17 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_18 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_19 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_20 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_21 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_24 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_33 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_35 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_34 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_32 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_31 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_44 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_45 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_43 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_42 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_30 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_22 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_27 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_26 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_36 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_39 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_37 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_40

For our cake buffet, we just ordered yummy cakes from a local bakery. I made the cake toppers.

Our love story can be traced back to a lot of coffee and chai moments together so instead of a cocktail hour, we wanted a coffee-break and teatime hour. We served a variety of teabags and coffee in sachets. We also served our favorite glazed doughnuts to go with with the hot drinks, chips in handmade doily cones, and had an ice cream cart. Picnic mats were set up for the guests, especially the kids, to enjoy.

Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_38 Kathlynn-Hasmukh-DIY-Wedding_41

I guess you can say we didn’t really consciously have a theme in mind. I love Jane Austen and I put up a quote from her book, Emma, which I feel perfectly encapsulated everything that my husband and I were for and wanted for our day:

“The wedding was very much like other weddings, where the parties have no taste for finery or parade; and Mrs. Elton, from the particulars detailed by her husband, thought it all extremely shabby, and very inferior to her own. — “Very little white satin, very few lace veils; a most pitiful business! — Selina would stare when she heard of it.” — But, in spite of these deficiencies, the wishes, the hopes, the confidence, the predictions of the small band of true friends who witnessed the ceremony, were fully answered in the perfect happiness of the union.”


Venue: Hotel Tropika, Davao City
Photography: Your Ever After Studios
Hair and Make-up: Otoi Mercado
Wedding Dress and Baby’s Dedication Dress: Kathlynn’s Mom
Invitation: Kathlynn’s Sister
Everything else: DIY

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