A Lilly Pulitzer Themed Birthday Party

Sabine’s 1st birthday bash is a party like no other!  It’s actually the first time I’ve seen or heard about a Lilly Pulitzer themed birthday party and if I’ll be honest, I had no idea who or what Lilly Pulitzer was until I saw this party (hihi!).  There are just so many fabulous details and I must say, Luxe Parties did a really awesome job in bringing the Lilly Pulitzer vibe and preppy taste to the party with all the vibrant pinks, greens and blues and chic colorful prints.  I specially loved the sweet treats corner where instead of the usual dessert table, you’ll find the treats beautifully displayed on mini tables, a cart and a chest with drawers.  Ornate frames, bird cages, colorful watering cans, bright pink and green flowers and the pink elephants and flamingos (very LP!) all added to the charm of the whole setup.

Sabine’s party is indeed too pretty for words! See it all here and prepare to swoon over these lovely photos captured by CasLow Photography.

Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_14 Lilly Pulitzer Birthday Party Lilly Pulitzer Birthday Party Lilly Pulitzer Party Details Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_05 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_06 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_01 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_07 Lilly Pulitzer Party Details Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_10 lilly-pulitzer-themed-party_01 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_11 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_12 lilly-pulitzer-themed-party_03 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_13 Lilly Pulitzer Birthday Cake by The Bunny Baker Beautiful Lilly Pulitzer themed birthday cake by The Bunny Baker. lilly-pulitzer-themed-party_02 Bright and colorful cookies by French Kiss Pastries. Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_14 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_15 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_16 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_17 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_18 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_19 lilly-pulitzer-themed-party_05 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_21 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_22 lilly-pulitzer-themed-party_04 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_02 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_23 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_24 lilly-pulitzer-themed-party_06 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_27 lilly-pulitzer-themed-party_07 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_28 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_29 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_32 Lilly-Pulitzer-Party-Theme_31 div

Venue: Wack Wack Golf and Country Club
Styling: Luxe Parties
Photography: CasLow Photography
Food Stalls/Entertainment/Craft Tables: Party Packagers
Cake: The Bunny Baker
Cupcakes and Cookies: French Kiss Pastries
Catering: The Plaza, Inc.