Little Yuna’s Retro Diner and Kitchen Party

Retro Kitchen Birthday Party

Today’s featured party is indeed a stunner!  It is a gorgeous Retro Kitchen Themed Party designed and styled by Maja of Passion Cooks for her daughter Yuna’s first birthday party. I’ve featured Passion Cooks’ events on the blog countless times and I can truly say that their parties are some of the prettiest with the most cleverly crafted and creative details I have seen, thus making them one of the most sought after caterer/event stylist for parties and weddings.  Little Yuna’s party is perhaps the most significant party Maja and her team have done to date and every photo from the party is proof of how exceptional it is.

To make little Yuna’s party even more special than it already was, Maja teamed up with other fabulous events suppliers such as Kathleen Dela Merced of Spark + Twinkle for style conceptualization, Happy Folks Studio and Little J Photography to capture all the lovely details and precious moments, La Belle Fete Weddings and Events for planning and coordination, and a whole other bunch of talented vendors who all helped to make this celebration a huge success.

Knowing that this party was styled by Maja for her little one is enough for us all to get excited to see all the wonderful details she put together for her daughter’s party so I won’t be making this long and just leave you with these gorgeous photos from two talented photographers – Happy Folks Studio and Little J Photography. Be sure to also read the full details about the party as told by Maja herself which you’ll find at the bottom of this post along with the complete list of vendor credits.

Photos by Happy Folks Studio:

Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 01 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 02 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 04 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 05 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 06 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 07 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 08 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 09 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 10 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 11 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 12 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 13 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 14 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 15 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 16 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 17 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 18 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 19 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 20 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 21 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 22 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 23 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 24 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 25 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 26 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 27 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 28 Retro Kitchen Birthday Party - 29

Photos from Little J Photography:

Retro Kitchen Inspired Party Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 01 Retro Diner Birthday Party Retro Diner Kitchen Party Details Retro Diner Party Ceiling Decor Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 02 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 04 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 05 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 06 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 07 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 08 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 09 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 10 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 11 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 12 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 13 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 15 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 16 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 17 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 18 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 19 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 20 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 21 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 22 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 23 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 24 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 25 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 26 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 27 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 28 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 29 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 30 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 31 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 32 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 33 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 34 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 35 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 36 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 37 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 38 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 39 Retro Kitchen Inspired Party - 40

Party details as told by Maja:

Of all the parties I’ve handled, this one is closest to my heart. Not just because Yuna is my first born, but because the details of her party took me back to our humble beginnings. Kitchen and baking utensils, various plates in different forms and sizes, silverware… these were some of the things I saved up for before entering the catering industry. Thus, a kitchen party for Yuna’s 1st is just appropriate. This particular theme also reminds me of God’s faithfulness and how He can answer prayers in His perfect time.

Planning Yuna’s party was so much fun! I experienced a lot of answered prayers throughout the planning process alone! I didn’t need to go to malls to buy what has to be placed on the tables, as passion cooks’ kitchen was only a stone’s throw away! I borrowed some kitchen utensils, which Yuna’s Lola gladly lent. As for the main backdrop, my sister, who is an interior designer, took care of redesigning our kitchen at home. Yep! We took down our kitchen to hit two birds with one stone: mom’s kitchen will finally be remodeled, and Yuna gets to use her old cabinets for her birthday backdrop!

Yuna is such a blessed baby! Jesus used a lot of wonderful people to complete the party. While Yuna was still in my tummy, her Ninang, Kathleen Dela Merced, exchanged ideas with me while I was confined for a month in the hospital before Yuna’s delivery. She organized and trimmed down my cluttered thoughts by sending beautiful inspirations where we can begin with. She was supposed to throw me a “bun in the oven” baby shower, but it never happened since Yuna wanted to come out early. We thought of reserving the ovens for Yuna’s future party invitation! A few months before Yuna’s party, Ycoy Sitchon of La belle fete weddings, our former bride, offered to help coordinate Yuna’s party. What another wonderful blessing! She sent me a moodboard which also helped organize my thoughts on how the party should look like. Ycoy took care of the party invites, braved Divisoria just to find themed prizes for the kids, and recommended Chef Regine Mariano who taught the kids to bake luscious chocolate chip cookies! Chef Regine is also the expert behind Yuna’s delicious and eye catching cake centerpieces, which are Cath Kidston inspired 🙂 She also baked Yuna’s pretty kitchen themed cookies which the guests absolutely loved!

Happy Folks and Little J Photography captured each moment and detail perfectly! Looking at their beautiful snaps instantly takes me back to Yuna’s party! What an honor to have worked with these two! In the same way, Lacto Photo didn’t want to miss any moment worth recording. Seeing them carry heavy video cameras to create a beautiful video which Yuna and I can watch with our loved ones, just makes my heart melt!

To our carpenters who lovingly carved each wooden spoon and fork, electricians who carefully installed bulbs on each DIY strainer and grater chandeliers, painters who brought life through the colors they placed on each decor, thank you for making everything possible! 🙂

We have so many people to thank for sharing their time, talent, and passion with us! God answered our prayers through the people he sent to help us! Yuna’s birthday is surely one for the books! More than remembering the beautiful outcome of our team work, we will never forget the love put into Yuna’s party!

To the following suppliers, thank you so much! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 🙂 You guys are family to  us!

Vendor Credits:

Venue: The Mango Farm
Catering and Styling: Passion Cooks
Conceptualization: Passion Cooks + Sparkle and Twinkle
Photography: Happy Folks Studio
Details Photographer: Little J Photography
Video: WeCelebrate / Lacto Photo
Baking Class Chef: Regine Mariano of Regine’s
Tent: Tent World
Host: Astarte Abraham
LED Wall: Mr. Rowell Octavio
Centerpieces Cakes, Cookies & Cupcakes: Regine’s Home Baked Goodies
Dessert Cake Pops and Cupcakes: Sparkle + Twinkle and Veronica Ngo
Cake: Sugar Plum Pastries
Buffet Backdrops and Dessert Buffet Set Up: Spark + Twinkle
Dresses of Maja and Yuna: Boy Kastner Santos
Invites: Ycoy Sitchon in collaboration with Adamant Eve
Table Runners: Adamant Eve
Ice Cream: Pinkerton
Donuts: JCo
Cookies: Kalookies
Macaron (Centerpieces): Empire by Georgia Rocha
Kiddie Chairs: About a Chair
Coordination: La Belle Fete Weddings & Events

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