Love for All Seasons Themed Engagement Shoot by Jaja Samaniego

When you find a love that goes beyond time, rises above adversities, and dwells in bliss, you know that what you have is something special.  Donna and John’s love story is a lot like that.  Their love transcends time and season and this became the heart of their free engagement session which was a prize for winning Jaja Lifestyle Photography‘s “Look on the Bride Side” contest.

I always get excited when I receive new submissions for this blog and the excitement reaches a whole new level and mixes with feelings of elation whenever I read a couple’s heartwarming and inspiring story.  After reading Donna’s story, I felt so touched and inspired.  It is no wonder why theirs was chosen as the winning entry among others.  It is heartfelt one and I want to share it with you all.

My fiancé is a military officer and though we are both in the Philippines, it seems that we are separated by several time zones and might as well be living in different countries. It’s really sad and it always hurts to see him leave, but I learned to look at the bright side of our situation. I learned to live with patience and breathe understanding; to value waiting because I know that all the long wait and the distance we both travel is worth the smile we see on each other’s face. I learned to count not days but moments which truly count… I learned to trust even when in doubt and to appreciate the distance between us, which made me stronger in faith and braver against temptations. I learned to understand the constraints and limitations of his schedules and actions. I still feel that I am truly blessed because regardless of all these he tries his best to make things happen.

We share a deep love for travelling. But our professional callings do not always allow us the luxury of time and togetherness. We can only daydream of experiencing Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. We do try to travel by going on road trips which is the best we can afford, given our time and financial constraints. So now even just through photos we want to experience 4 different seasons — a representation of our love that transcends time, distance and togetherness.

Autumn AUTUMN-002 AUTUMN-003 AUTUMN-004 AUTUMN-010 AUTUMN-012 Winter WINTER-003 WINTER-004 WINTER-005 WINTER-006 WINTER-007 WINTER-002 Spring SPRING-004 SPRING-006 SPRING-011 SPRING-012 SPRING-013 SPRING-014 SPRING-020 SPRING-021 Summer SUMMER-002 SUMMER-004 SUMMER-005 SUMMER-010 SUMMER-011 SUMMER-013 SUMMER-015 SUMMER-018 SUMMER-019 div Location: Capones Island, Zambales
Photographer: Jaja Samaniego | Jaja Lifestyle Photography Facebook
Gown & Skirt: Joe San Antonio
Flowers: Vatel Manila
Styling: Aira Franco
HMUA: Fritz Mortel