Nautical Themed Engagement From CamZar Photography

After seeing Nime and Charise’s engagement photos all I could think of was how I wanted to hop on a yacht with my hubby and have a prenup, or rather, post nuptial shoot and just dream and sail away.  Seriously, there’s just so much to love about this nautical themed engagement session – the yacht, the sea, the sun setting across the bay, the beautiful sweethearts who are the stars of this awesome shoot and their oh-so-chic fashion sense.  All these, among other breathtaking moments, were beautifully snapped up by CamZar Photography.
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From the Bride:

I’m from North Luzon.  I met Nime, who is from Mindanao in November 2003 when we were both invited to attend a concert in a church by our one and only common friend. Since Nime was pursuing marine engineering (seafarer) as profession and normally was out of the country, and I was also in college, we had few chances to see each other back then. But Nime (who admitted when we’re already together, that he had felt ‘love at first sight’) will text me once in a while .  It was 2006, after I graduated in college, when courting started to become serious.

It was on December 8, 2007, when Nime already had my heart, he’s my first boyfriend. And yes, we have a long distance relationship. It was hard but it was all worth it every time Nime is around.  Distance will mean so little when someone means so much.

November 8, 2011 – The Proposal. When Nime asked me to marry him, we were in same place where I said yes to become his girlfriend 4 years ago.  I eagerly hugged him forgetting to say “yes” first!  And there was my answered prayer…to have a boyfriend who will soon be my husband.  The sweetest thing he did was I found out that he first asked permission from my parents that he will propose to me that day!

For our engagement shoot, we super thank CamZar for bringing up the nautical theme idea!  It was so us, since most of the time we are nautical miles apart.  🙂


Photography:  CamZar Photography
Location: Manila Yacht Club