One Charming Giveaway!

I ‘ve announced in a previous post about a giveaway I was planning to do this July.  It will be my first ever giveaway and I want it to be something really BIG.  After some serious planning, a few twists and turns, I’ve partnered with talented people working in the wedding industry to bring you…

One Charming Giveaway

One lucky couple will win a free prenup/postnup shoot by The Mad Hatter Studios, hair and make-up service on the day of the shoot by Tippy Destacamento, and custom-made props and accessories by Pretty Little Details.  This will run from July 23 – August 2, 2013.  The winner will be announced on August 5, 2013.

Joining is easy peasy!  Here’s how:


      1. Like One Charming Day, The Madhatter Studios Manila, Tippy Destacamento and Pretty Little Details’s Facebook Page.
      2. Follow @1charmingday, @tippyfield and @pldbydonna on Twitter if you have a twitter account and post a tweet “I want to win the One Charming Giveaway by @1charmingday, @tippyfield, @pldbydonna & Mad Hatter Studios
      3. Like and Share THIS PHOTO
        – Tag three other friends and One Charming Day’s FB page in your post.  POST MUST BE PUBLIC.
        – Creatively incorporate the following hashtags: #onecharmingday #madhatterstudios #tippydee and #prettylittledetails.
      4. Comment on this BLOG POST sharing an interesting prenup/postnup concept you want to have and why you want to win this contest. (make it short and sweet!)
      5. Cross your fingers and wait for the announcement on August 5, 2013.


      • Either the bride or the groom can join. On-going clients and non-clients are open to join!
      • The winning couple should be available on any day from August – November, if not, another couple will be chosen
      • you must tag One Charming Day‘s Facebook page or else your entry will not be counted.**
      • The winning couple will be contacted via Facebook and e-mail on August 5, 2013.

We are all looking forward to your entries!  Good luck! 😀

28 thoughts on “One Charming Giveaway!”

  1. i’m hoping and praying that we win this contest not just because i haven’t won anything in my entire life yet (well aside from my hubby and the kids), but also i want to celebrate our 10th year with a bang! we’ve been together for 9 years and getting married next year is definitely one of my dreams coming true.

    if in case we will have one a prenup we would like to have a gangster/Bonnie&Clyde style or maybe pegs like Mariah Carey’s “Breakdown” w/Bonethugs. we’re sweet but we don’t want to be too mushy in front of cam. besides it could be our fantasy coming true, to be like hiphop stars like Jay-Z and Beyonce even for a day!

  2. My fiance Arman and I are both practicing lawyers and admittedly, our lives are always, always stressful and serious. We’d love to take this opportunity to share with you and our loved ones our lighter side and what sets us apart from normal lawyer couples. For our prenup, we want to show how similarly silly, but also surprisingly different we are, incorporating Arman’s parkour and acro yoga techniques with my clumsy and (clearly) un-health conscious personality, in a pictorial where we can let loose and just forget about lawyering for a day.

    We would love it if you choose us to be winners of your promo! 😀

  3. My H2b and I are both crazy and sweet. We are blessed to be able to celebrate our big day next year October 2014. In time for our 7th year anniversary.

    Since our wedding is October.. our inpiration for our pre-nup would be Autumn Love. Mostly taken outdoors, basking in the afternoon sun. Incorporating our motiff peach+mint (which inspirations we got from reading from this blog<3 )

    We dream that every shot will reflect our love for each other.

    Cheers to One Charming Day, Mad Hatter Studios, Tippy Destacamento and Pretty Little Details!

  4. Albert and I loves to celebrate life and love together, and we want to have that concept in our prenup. We want to win this contest to be able to share the love that God has given us and to inspire the Brides and Grooms-to-be. I cannot say that I found him, he cannot say that he found me. But God has brought us together.
    It’s our monthsary today and winning the One Charming Giveaway will be a great gift to us ^_^

    Albert + Roche

  5. My H2B and I are both geeky IT. The theme of our wedding will be Love and Logic. So if in case we will be the one chosen for this, we’re thinking to have a kind of prenup that involves with computer, computer programs and logical functions.

    This will serve a great blessing for us as well if you will pick us for the prenup 🙂

  6. oh! this is a great opportunity! we wish wish wish wish wish super wish we can get this charming pretty chance with mad hatter studios tippy dee prettlittledetails one charming day!! we want this because its FREE-ABULOUS!!! knowing that we can possibly work with these great guys gives us chill! weee excited much for the possible great outcome!!

    prenup/postnup : to have a scene like on the movie big fish.. flowers all around us.. luv d idea also of dancing in the rain, and sitting together while waiting for the sunset( I want to capture this moment agaiin. dati it was just a drawing, and now its for real! 🙂 ) and oh! the scene in the movie tangled, both of us on both, with lanterns..:) pde din scene in resto…we luv eating! kaya kami tumaba ^^, like in cartoons eating spaghetti and sipping the same pasta strip hehe..

    super cross fingers!! ^^,

  7. My GF and I have a couple of idea for a pre-nup/post-nup.

    One is to shoot us while we do things that we like to do. Shoot us while dating, window shopping, buying at the grocery, sharing coffee and other stuff. It’s like the photographer will just follow us while we do those things.

    Another one is the theme where I am the photographer and she’s the model. Since she likes to dress up and make-ups, and I like to shoot her portrait, this one fits us. It’s like we are being photographed while I photograph her.

    I want to win this contest because I like surprising her. And I think that winning this is one of the best surprise that I could give her.

  8. A3 (fondly called to my fiance by Family and Friends) and I have both wacky, relax and laidback personalities. Our idea for the prenup is a 90’s grunge rock love theme -like wild child vs ecentric met at the concert then ran away from it or somekinda snippets (more ideas) from the movies Reality Bites, Singles, Empire Records, etc hehe..This is inline with our personalities and love for the era 🙂

    I am so glad that you guys came up with this contest not just to share the blessing you receive but also make one lucky couple happy (hopefully us hehe *wink wink*)

    Go Once Charming Day and Godbless!

  9. We call each other Hunnybear & Bunnymeh.
    How about a sweet forest & friends wedding concept shoot?
    Winning this contest would be a perfect way to show our sweet, silly & fun side 🙂

  10. Me and my BUBAH were in an On-and-off relationship on our 1st 3 years of being together. We started dating at 12 years old and now, 19, We are stronger than ever. 🙂

    We are into VideoGames (especially Tekken6 and Soul Calibur to the point when We would name our baby girl in the future after one of its characters..), Darts (We’re both playing for our College), the Color VIOLET/PURPLE/LAVENDER, and the Zen Ambiance. We are not your typical gooey-lovey-mushy GF-BF, we treat each other like the BEST OF FRIENDS,, 🙂

    so for Our 7th anniversary, If i’m picked, This would be my gift to him.
    THANK YOU AND GOD SPEED One Charming Day!!

  11. Otep and I are the exact opposites but we both agree on what we want for our lives, and for our future. So we recently bought a unit in South and the expected turnover will be this August. Since it it our first major purchase as husband-and-wife-to-be, we want it to be part of our prenup shoot. Concept will revolve around our little home sweet home which includes planning, designing and furnishing it with LOVE. 🙂

    Thank you for sponsoring this contest. Kudos to all the suppliers involved in this giveaway.
    – Otep and Mel –

  12. Leo and I are always a go with the flow sweethearts, we’re open to anything. I dreamt of a super formal prenup concept with fireworks, also a rainy themed one but we’re still open to any out of the box concept, we can do anything without any “hiya” factor. We love pictures, we even the most ugly faces that we have, we’re literally crazy aside from being crazy for each other! LOLs

  13. Hello Kitty Proposes a Marriage

    This actually happened last dec 22,2012 at the qc memorial circle with some of our closest friends, some ice cream and fishball vendors around the area, and some curiuos strangers who passed by to watch (some were asked to dance too!) It was like the wedding proposals done in “the mobbed” plus my hello kitty mascot. Sad thing though we didn’t have an official/ professional photographer to shoot the proposal. So our concept would be just to re-enact the whole thing and give it a second shot. 🙂

    Our wedding will be on April next year and winning this contest will surely make our wedding a ONE CHARMING DAY 😉

  14. My fiance and I are both adventurous, fun and quirky couple. We both love to skate and surf and that became the tool to our closeness .Just to share you a quick story of our love life, my family and I were having a surf trip and I have no one yet to bring with me. She was my crush but we’re not close yet, so I just tried my luck to invite her and unexpectedly she said yes. That was the start our surfing trips together that eventually made us fall for each other. Since you guys are one of the best team out there, we want you to capture the sweetest moment while we are surfing and skating 🙂

  15. Me and my Fiance’s idea of a prenup is one that would showcase our love for each other given a simple setting. We spend our free time together going to common places and doing the usual activities that couples in love do. However, nothing is common about the feelings we have for each other and the blissful serenity that floats around us whenever we’re together! This is what we would like to be captured in our prenup and share with our friends and family, utmost love in simplicity.
    Winning this contest would mean we’re not just lucky to have found love but also lucky to receive blessings for our upcoming wedding 🙂

  16. AUGUST is our Birth Month 😀

    Yeah!! We are so excited and thankful for this advance gift ever!we are CLAIMING it. **crossfingers**
    We want a Hello Kitty Prenup since this is Sam’s favorite Cartoon Character. This will make my groom to be HAPPY. and we will forever treasure this gift.

    Thanks to One Charming Day, Mad Hatter Studios, Tippy Destacamento and Pretty Little Details!

    Sam & Yayee

  17. We want to win this contest because we want to have beautiful prenup pictures and we know the team you pulled together can do this. I’ve seen Tippy’s gorgeous brides, I think Mad Hatter’s shots are lively and full of emotions and I find Pretty Little Details cute and chic while One Charming Day is creative. =) I could imagine what our prenup will look like with all of you working together. =) I do hope we win. =)

    Our prenup concept is “home sweet home”. We want to reflect how happy and sweet our life together is even if we are just “home buddy” type of persons. I’m thinking shots like pajamas in bed, pillow fighting, pillow feathers flying, 2 of us under the blanket, etc. Or shots in the living room, kitchen and dining area just being cozy and sweet while having coffee and playing board games in our casual wear. Or washing the car in the garage or playing in the rain or just hanging out in the backyard garden, etc. Sorry too detailed, just excited it makes my mind imaginative. =) (crossing fingers…)

    Mike & Cha

  18. Me and my fiancé would definitely be happy if we win this giveaway! 🙂 We have already thought of three particular looks for our prenuptial shoot, but one theme that I’ve been looking forward to is a “Pride and Prejudice” inspired one. I’m one big romantic book worm and one of my favorite genres is Victorian novels, and having a shoot inspired with one of the most romantic story ever with my beloved fiancé mimicking Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy will make me one gloriously happy bride to be. One of the scenes I’m dead set on imitating from the movie (Keira Knightley version) is the ending where Elizabeth serendipitously met Darcy in a large misty field with the soft light of dawn enveloping them and finally admitted their feelings for one another. I have even thought of the perfect caption for that picture, Darcy’s infamous line “You have bewitched me, body and soul. And I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.” Can you just imagine how pretty, romantic, surreal and whimsical this shoot would be? 🙂

    I really hope that we win this contest, and with the help of fine suppliers such as yourselves (One Charming Day, Mad Hatter Studios, Tippy and Pretty Little Details), my vision inspired by this romantic book will surely come to life that is as beautiful and inspiring as our love story (we are each other’s first love and 10 years down the road, we are still crazy about each other) 🙂

    Cj & Miel

  19. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    we just want to have our own interpretation of “Mahal Kita Kasi” by nicoleliyala by using still background and photos arranged like dayorama… AVP should use the concept of a flipbook… to have an animated slide show photo output. poses will be enhance using DIY props and quirky poses…

    I believe your team @1charmingday, @tippyfield and @pldbydonna can give justice and unique prenup presentation to those hopeful couples to be….

    Thank you!

    Mike and Roan
    May 8, 2014
    CTK/The Mango Farm

  20. My ideal prenup has always been in UPLB. Not to mention the beautiful picture-perfect landscape, this place has sparked, tested and nurtured our relationship which brought us to this grateful moment. Now, even after many years, in our hearts, UPLB will always be our home. 🙂

  21. This is really an answered prayer if we will win this promo because I really want to surprise my fiancé on our 8th year anniversary this Nov 8, 2013. I am having a hard time thinking on what to give him on our special day, I want something different and I want him to feel very special on that day. Now I am daydreaming that we will feel like “artista” if we will win this contest and I know in my heart we will never forget this for the rest of our lives. So please choose us, we wanted to showcase our own Travel Theme Concept through our prenup photos. For 8 lovely years, he’s my companion and I want to let him know how I appreciate him through this gift. Hooray! I trust One Charming Day, Mad Hatter Studios, Tippy Destacamento and Pretty Little Details that my dream gift for my honey will come true. I must say this will be the beginning of something wonderful in our life 🙂

  22. If ever we won this free prenup, our concept will be “estudyanteng maka-masa”. Sample frames are eating street foods, walking in the busy streets of Manila, basta anything that will capture a normal life of student in Manila. My fiance and I met at Mapua during our college days, so it will be nice to reminisce those days with the help of One Charming Day, The Madhatter Studios Manila, Tippy Destacamento and Pretty Little Details.

    Kudos to all of you for giving couples a nice blessing! 🙂

  23. My fiance & I have been bf/gf for 13years. This year we are finally tying the knot. We are photography hobbyists but We haven’t had even a single photo taken by a professional photographer(even in studios). All we had are DIYs. ^_^
    I do love to win your giveaway. Apart from having the honor of being styled and photographed by your team, this is also my thank you gift to my fiance. If at home I am my father’s princess, with him I am a queen. He’s so excited we’ll have, at last, a proper shoot.

    The concept I have in mind:
    Indoor – baking/cooking session. We both love staying and experimenting in the kitchen. It will be fun to be photographed that way.
    Outdoor: travel/picnic/kiddie type. Playing the games we used to love when we were kids. We still feel that high schooler’s kilig.

  24. During the 4 1/2 years of being together, we started roughly with so many challenges. But despite the struggles, we still managed to stick together and make each other a better person.

    We’re both fans of Game of Thrones where we really have to wait to watch it together. We also got the idea of our red motif from the “red wedding” though we wouldn’t want our wedding to end up that way.haha! So we would love to have a medieval-type prenup just like GOT 🙂

    Thank you One Charming Day, Mad Hatter Studios, Tippy and Pretty Little Details for the chance of making a difference on a couple’s lives! 🙂

    And I quote my fiance: “Having lost a lot in life, winning something would be nice :)”

  25. Have seen your contest and say ‘what the heck, i might as well try’ so it’s a spur of the moment which makes it really exciting…. i dont know what im doing really, i haven’t even proposed yet! Maybe,just maybe winning this might give me a means or idea on how to do it.

    We’re really two opposite souls, my gf and I, so i would like to show a mix of everything that we dont usually like or do together and stuff that we do have the same taste. for instance we love to watch movies, but she likes action and me comedy. She loves to shop clothes and i love cameras/gadgets, groceries she in the sweets section me in the meat section. I want this because it still shows our individuality but at the same time also our togetherness

  26. My hon and I have so much history together. 10 years of being together has not been easy but it is definitely a worthwhile journey. If we win, the concept I have in mind are like commercial print ads with a dreamy/romantic feel. Outdoor: may be near the sea (beach/ sand scene), picnic in the grass, casual bike/walk in the park. Indoor: As husband and wife setup / Elegant with formal wear. I will also be open to your suggestions of course.

    Marrying my hon is already a dream come true and winning this giveaway is definitely the cherry on my sundae! 🙂 Thank you and more power!

  27. This is what i picture in my mind: Lon and I are in the middle of a golf course, Lon trying to teach me how to play. Yes, the advantage of him wrapping his arms around me, while preparing to swing the golf club and ready to hit the ball 🙂 our cheeks almost touching, as if nearly kissing. isn’t it the sweetest? Just by telling my fantasy postnup story makes me ‘kilig’ already 🙂

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