One Charming Winner


Congratulations to Mark Sanchez!  Times are indeed changing.  Grooms are now getting more active in the wedding preparations take for example Mark, who joined our giveaway.  We are all for fun, adventurous and out of the box ideas and we admire that the groom is a risk taker and that he developed their love through the best way possible – around family and the foundation of friendship.

Here is Mark’s winning entry:

My fiance and I are both adventurous, fun and quirky couple. We both love to skate and surf and that became the tool to our closeness.  Just to share you a quick story of our love life, my family and I were having a surf trip and I have no one yet to bring with me. She was my crush but we’re not close yet, so I just tried my luck to invite her and unexpectedly she said yes. That was the start our surfing trips together that eventually made us fall for each other. Since you guys are one of the best team out there, we want you to capture the sweetest moment while we are surfing and skating.

To Mark, please wait for our email for the schedule and other information. 🙂

We received a lot of interesting ideas for a prenup shoot and choosing was really hard.  If we can, we would choose all but we can only choose 1 winner.  However, we would also like to acknowledge our other 2 top choices.  We would also like to congratulate Charito Chan and Christine Joy Mendoza!  You’ll both be getting consolation prizes from Donna of Pretty Little Details.  Please send her an email at or you may send her a personal message on Facebook.

We would like to give a big thank you to everyone, all the brides, grooms, and couples who joined our giveaway!  Our giveaway was so much fun because of you and your great ideas.  We hope to catch you again in our future giveaways!  🙂