Party Ideas To Love: Paper Pom Poms

Paper Pompom Party Ideas

We usually see paper pom poms used as backdrop or as ceiling decor. Here are a couple of other creative ways to use paper pom poms in styling your party:

1. Having a tea party? Attach little paper pom poms to a tea bag string for an added flair.
2. Instead of a bow, make a pretty pom pom and use that as a gift topper.
3. Create cute and fluffy animal faces using paper pom poms.
4. Make some pom poms that are not too big. Bunch them up and use them as a cake topper. Looks chic!
5. Using green tissue, Japanese, or crepe paper, create one big pom pom and add brown strips of paper at the bottom to make it look like a tree. This is perfect for a woodland themed party or a Peppa Pig party.