Patty Turns 1: A DIY Minnie Mouse Themed Party

Today’s post is like no other and is very close to my heart.  My little Patty reached a very important milestone a few weeks back when she turned one.  It is a special moment for me and my husband as well.  It is a big milestone and we want to throw her a big birthday party.  The influence of Pinterest, Etsy, Kara’s Party Ideas, Hostess with the Mostess, and craft goddess Martha Stewart  made me want to go for a styled party which meant that having a fast food/restaurant birthday party was the last of my options.

The tricky part was that we had a budget to stick to and we all know that hiring a party stylist can be pretty much expensive.  Thanks again to Pinterest, and other DIY blogs I saw that the styling I had in mind for Patty’s party is doable and will only be a fraction of the cost!  That’s when I decided to DIY every bit of decor to be used in the party.

Patty loves Minnie Mouse and so we decided to have a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party using the colors pink, white and black.  The decors were mainly made up of pompoms and balloons. For the table centerpiece, I just used glass bottles bought in Divisoria filled up with peach roses and baby’s breath and I added a picture frame with a collage of Patty’s photo, Minnie Mouse and some bits of details about Patty.

I’ll leave this as is and just let you enjoy the photos captured by David Lim of For Keeps Photo.  More details about the party and suppliers at the bottom of the post. 🙂

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Venue:  The Place in Mandaluyong City
Another hurdle to overcome was the venue.  Like in any other event, a huge chunk of the budget goes to the venue rental fees and so for months, I turned Google upside down and browsed mommy and party forums searching for a nice venue with an affordable rental rate.  I was close to losing hope then I remembered my niece’s debut back in 2011 held at The Place in Mandaluyong.  I knew back then that The Place can be rented out for free for Mandaluyong residents.  I had my cousin confirm if the place is still available for rent for FREE and we were so glad that it still is!  Another bonus is that The Place comes with a complete lights and sound system!  Whoopidoo! 😀

On the day of the event however, we found out that there will be a rice distribution program in the morning by our Mayor’s wife.  We really can’t complain and stress about it because we did not pay any rental fees.  That explains the sacks of rice you’ll see in the venue’s pictures.  My guests were joking about it saying how grand our party is because we will be giving away sacks of rice! LOL!

Photography:  David Lim of For Keeps Photo | For Keeps Photo on Facebook
For Keeps Photo was a forum find.  Lots of moms had great feedback for For Keeps Photo.  It’s great that they had affordable rates and what’s even better is that my mom offered to pay for the photo services!  ðŸ˜€  David Lim was nice to work with.  I reminded him to take lots of photos of the details and I’m so glad he did!  He was also very jolly and made the guests happy to pose for a picture.

Catering: Verleo
Another forum find and as expected, food was really good!  For the menu I chose Baked Spaghetti, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Baby Back Ribs, Mixed Vegetables, Leche Flan and Mango Crepe.  They had a lot of buffer because even though almost everyone went for a second round, we still had a lot left to take home.

Host:  Lhen Peralta
Everyone enjoyed her performance! The kids loved her balloon twisting act and her magic and puppet show. My only comment is that I informed her that the theme is Minnie Mouse and the party colors are pink, white and black but she came in a red and black Minnie Mouse costume. She said she must have overlooked that part of our email conversation.

Photobooth:  Purple Bunny
I learned about Purple Bunny through my mommy friends.   We really did not have plans on having a photobooth but we still did not have souvenirs to give to our adult guests.  They had a promo of 2 hours for 1888 and so we decided to book them after all, Pinoys really love pictures and enjoy photobooths.  I also thought about using our own souvenirs from Whiff as giveaways but we had those for Patty’s Christening already.  Their printout is really nice and they have lots of really cool props!  The only downside is that because it is a promo, the package did not allow for a stop time and therefore, the guests were not able to maximize the use of the photobooth.

This is actually another bonus for us because my aunt offered to pay for the photobooth as her gift to Patty! 😀

Dessert Bar: DIY 😀
I am so happy with our DIY sweets corner! I made the labels for the candies and sweets, the Sweets Corner frame and the Sweets Corner poem (the wordings, I got from Pinterest) and the cupcake toppers.  The backdrop was supposed to be made up of buntings and pompoms but I ran out of time and was not able to make buntings.  We just thought of using Patty’s photos which were supposed to be used in a separate photo gallery that we were also not able to set up due to time constraints.

The candy jars were borrowed from my friend and Patty’s ninang Grace.

The cake and cake pops on the dessert table were from my sister-in-law.  She bakes part-time and you can check out her goodies at Glyza’s Haven.

The cake on the cake table was from my schoolmate in high school.  To be honest, the design was not exactly what I asked her to do but in all fairness, it really was delicious and her cupcakes are really to die for.

I did not have cake stands so instead I asked for old boxes from a store and just covered them in white cartolina.

Some of the candies on the dessert table were from our friends and the rest, I bought from Comfoods in Boni Pioneer, Mandaluyong.  If you are planning to make your own dessert table, I super recommend going to Comfoods.  You can buy choco chip cookies, choco mallows, choco crunchies in bulk at a much cheaper price and outside Comfoods, you’ll also find candies, stick-o, pretzels and other goodies you can add to your dessert table!

Decor & Styling:  DIY 😀
Decor consists mainly of pink and white balloons and pompoms.  I bought the balloons as well as the Japanese paper in Divisoria.  So much cheaper than buying in National Bookstore!  We made about a hundred pompoms!  Thanks to my mom, aunts and Patty’s ninang Grace who helped in folding the pompoms.

The picture frames I used as centerpiece as well as those on the dessert table are also from Divisoria.  I bought the small frames at only 22php while the bigger one were at 3 for 100php!  Great deal!  The store I bought them from sells all kinds of picture frames and wall clocks.  It is located at the back of the old 168 building along the street going to Ylaya.  It is actually very easy to locate. 🙂

For the stage decor, we also used balloons and pompoms but for the backdrop, I bought a polka-dots cloth and plain white and pink Gina cloth from Divisoria.  The 3D letters on the stage were made from old cartons covered with cartolina.  For that, I asked help from our handyman friend who also is very crafty.

Patty’s Birthday Dress:  Hazel Garcia
I found the design of Party’s birthday dress in Etsy. I know tutus are so in but I was worried that Patty might get irritated wearing it. We tried looking for a ready made dress but can’t find a nice dress that matches the theme and fits Patty well. My husband suggested to have a custom made dress instead and I remembered Hazel since she also made the entourage gowns for our wedding.

Game Prizes & Giveaways
For moms planning a party on a budget, Divisoria is indeed the best place to go to for party needs!  I bought the game prizes which consists of coloring books, stickers, school materials, cute notebooks, and character face towels in Divisoria.  I had a hard time looking for Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse items, though.  Most of the party needs store either have Hello Kitty or Disney Princess.

For the kids’ giveaways, instead of loot bags, we just bought Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse stuffed toys.  You can find all sorts of stuffed toys in Ylaya and in the Bodega in Divisoria.  Just make sure to choose well.  Some of the ones we got had Mickey Mouse with a really huge nose!  Laughable! 😀


That’s pretty much it!  Making all the decors and styling the place was fun but we were so, so tired after the party!  However, hearing our friends and families say nice words about how great the place looked and how much they enjoyed the party made everything worth it.  All for Patty!

And oh, yes, you can have a styled party without breaking the bank!  ðŸ™‚

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  1. Wow! Congrats! Ang ganda ng diy mo for your baby’s party. Very detailed and helpful for sourcing materials for future bday parties 😉

    • Thank you so much! If you have further inquiries about the DIYs and suppliers, feel free to comment or contact me. Glad to help! 🙂

  2. wow!! hands down for all your DIY. ang galing at super nice! I love to DIY too (kahit birthdays lang ng mga inaanak for now) enjoy kasi 🙂

    Rocks (N@Wie)

  3. seriously? this was a diy thing? kudos to the mom and dad!! pang professional. are you sure you guys are NOT party planners?

    • Thanks for the compliment! We really are not party planners. 🙂 Apart from our wedding, this is only the 2nd party I have ever planned. I just love crafting, designing and browsing Pinterest and DIY blogs.

  4. Hi Ces,

    Ang ganda ng DIY mo 🙂 Ask ko lang paano pumunta dun sa may divi na pinagbilan mo ng frames and ano nga pla sizes ng frame? Thanks.

  5. Great and lovely party for your little one. Can I just ask where in Mandaluyong is this Venue please.. I am trying to find a venue for a reunion soon. I live in manda too. Thanks!

  6. Hi ces, very nice part-ayy!!! Can i have ur email add or contacts. I wanna ask you how and where did u get the invites, labels, thank u cards, etc. Its sooo elegant?!! Thanks

  7. I super like your DIYs. I am starting to plan my daughter’s party. Same theme. I hope you don’t mind borrowing some of your ideas ^_^ I like crafting too.. makasugod na nga sa divisoria! lols..

  8. Hi Ces!

    Whatta a lovely party indeed for a DIY. May I ask where did you get the card designs for your dessert buffet? Where did you buy the minnie mouse headband? That will be my theme for my daughter’s first birthday party.

    Thanks for the help.

    • Hi Tingting!

      Thanks for the nice compliments! The card designs for the dessert buffet were done by me. In a few days, I’ll be posting the cupcake toppers, labels and tags that I made for the party for download so please check back soon. 🙂 The Minnie Mouse headbands were from Divisoria as well. I’m sorry I can’t remember the exact pasillo number but it’s in the 2nd floor of the 168 building. Good luck with the party! 🙂

  9. I hope I read your blog earlier. I am not aware of The Place in Mandaluyong. Never heard of it until now. =( I should have saved loooooooots.

  10. Wow! I’m so lucky I found this blog! Ask ko lang sis, paano niyo naikabit yung mga balloons at pompms? Hindi ba masyadong mataas yung ceiling?

  11. Hi! Two thumbs up naman sa DIY mo…. Di ko na mabilang kung ilang beses kong binasa itong blog mo na ito… Thanks for the ideas… ginaya ko na din yung iba (hope you dont mind)

    Thanks again!

  12. ang gaganda po ng mga DIY nio 🙂 Mabuti n lng nabasa ko agd tong blog nio…ok lng po bng gayahin yong ibang ideas nio?..Thanks.

      • hi po ask ko lang po san po yon venue ng brthday party ng baby mo po. gusto ko kasi din po mag inquire don eh taga mandaluyong din po kasi ako please po reply po thanks medyo mlpit ndin ksi ng birthday nya

  13. ano po exact name non venue sa mandaluyong> im from mandaluyong too.. thanks . nghahanap din po kasi ako ng venue na makakasave ako sa birthday ng baby ko thnks po

  14. how did you make the PATTY lettering? what is it made of? nice set up mommt! good job! my baby is also turning 1 on the 20th!

  15. OMG everything looks sooo nice. Congrats! Would you please tell me where you got your baby’s dress from? I love it!

  16. Hi May i know the number of your host? Kindly email me her digits pls/ thanks.. GOod Job on your DIY party.. it looks fun:-) Email

  17. Hi! Can i get the contact number of your party host? Really impresed with the preparations! Thank you!

    • Hi, sorry but I don’t have her contact number anymore. Just google her – Lhen Peralta. I’m sure you’ll find her new number posted in a kids party forum. 🙂

  18. Hi there.. Congratulations for a great party!
    May i ask on how to get a free venue? I mean where can we ask to book the venue? Thanks for the help in advance…

    • Hi, thank you! Please call the city hall of Mandaluyong and ask for the person in charge of bookings for The Place. You have to be a resident of Mandaluyong for you to be able to book it for free. 🙂

    • It was custom made by Hazel Garcia. They specialize in wedding and entourage gowns but they can also make dresses for special occasions like this.

  19. Hi diy im a 1st time mom and my daughter will be turning 1 by jan im planning ahead of time and glad to see this,is it okay if i use some of your ideas on my daughters bday.?

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  21. hi ..can u pls tell me how to edit the free minnie mouse printables? i was able to download it but i cannot edit .. thanks a lot

  22. Galing 🙂 Got loads of ideas from this blog for my baby’s 1st birthday. So excited to do my DIY too! Thanks Ces 🙂

  23. I’m super excited for the 1st birthday of our baby. We’re choosing the same theme and I’m so happy that I came across your blog. Thank you for all your ideas.

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