Playmobil Princess Themed Birthday Party

I am so excited to be sharing with you all today this Playmobil Princess themed party which was sent in by Mommy Sally of The Binondo Mommy. She wanted a unique theme for her daughter’s birthday, something that has never been done before and I believe she was able to achieve that for this is the first party I’ve seen so far with this theme. Her inspiration for the party stemmed from her love of the Playmobil toy figures and play sets which she has been collecting for years. Playmobil are toy figures with a happy smile on their faces but aside from that, there are also play sets available in different themes such as Pirates, Zoo, Magic Castle, Farm, Dollhouse and more!

For Alexa’s party, Mommy Sally wanted a dazzling fantasy world for her little princess so she went with the Playmobil Princess theme. The venue was set up by The Creative Bunny to look like the princess fantasy world of Playmobil. Pink and blue paper pompoms were added for the ceiling decor and an elaborate balloon setup decorated the staircase. There were even giant Playmobil statues provided by Hobbes and Landes! It was truly a one of a kind party and Mommy Sally did an awesome job planning it. She even had her own DIY inputs for the party! Here’s what she had to say about the party:

My baby was born on December 8, 2012 and coincidentally her 1st birthday fell on a Sunday that’s why I wanted to make something extraordinary and special on her exact birthday. I wanted my baby’s 1st birthday theme to stand out and be the first to be used in the Philippines. I don’t think anybody has used this theme, or at least I’m not aware of any. Playmobil originates from Germany. It is a role-playing toy made with high quality standard material and child safety features. It is a brand of pretend-play plastic toy figures that I’ve learned to love through these years and I thank Hobbes and Landes for introducing it to the local market. I have known this character for more than four years and have started my small collection since then. I can’t wait to introduce Playmobil to my child as soon as she reaches the right age. Personally, I find Playmobil characters cute, colorful and creatively done. With that as my inspiration, I worked on the party details as creatively and uniquely as possible even with a small budget. And because I’m a meticulous mom, I took charge of all the coordination with the party suppliers, personally designed the party invites, preparation of the party prizes, candy lootbag giveaways, DIY audio visual presentation and down to the very detail of the photobooth’s photo template design. The party was also a challenge I dared to myself: to be able to meet the budget without compromising quality and I’m happy that I made it.

Are you excited to see Alexa’s party and what this party theme is all about? Here are some snapshots captured by Twigs and Clouds.  Alexa's Playmobil Party Dessert Table Playmobil Party - 01 Playmobil Party  - 11 Playmobil Party - 05 Playmobil Party - 06 Playmobil Party - 03 Playmobil Party - 08 Playmobil Party - 04 Playmobil Party - 02 Playmobil Party  - 10 Playmobil Party  - 09 Playmobil Party - 07 Alexa's Playmobil Party  - 01 Alexa's Playmobil Party  - 13 Alexa's Playmobil Party  - 02 Alexa's Photobooth Layout Alexa's Invitation

Event Stylist: The Creative Bunny
Photographer: Twigs and Clouds
Videographer: Buen Films
Caterer: Carlito’s Lechon Cebu
Host: Alvin Gale Tan
Photobooth: iFlick Photo Booth
Souvenir: Wooden Kiddie Stools and a lot more
Decors: Hobbes and Landes
Venue: Montgomery Place Clubhouse