Ruffa & Mike Photography 3rd Year Anniversary Giveaway

Hi guys!  Today we welcome September with a BANG!  Ruffa and Mike Photography celebrates their 3rd year anniversary this September and they have so graciously partnered with some of the best in the wedding industry and yours truly to bring you this amazing giveaway! 🙂

Ruffa and Mike 3rd Anniversary Giveaway Poster

Here is what the Perfect Couple will win:

  1. Half-day Engagement Session by Ruffa and Mike Photography
  2. Behind The Scenes “Save The Date” by Jake Olaso Wedding Films
  3. Hair and Makeup by Kiss Mejia
    – On-Location hair and make-up
    – 2-3 Looks
  4. Styling by Ombre Vintage
    – Theme conceptualization
    – Location suggestion
    – Mood/story board for 3 looks
    – Styling of client’s OWN clothes
    – Rent for 1 set of clothes from stylist
    – Rent for accessories from stylist
    – 1 minimal set design and/or props from stylist’s available materials
    – On the day stylists/styling equipment

Sounds great, right?  Joining is so easy too!  Here’s what you need to do:


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  2. FOLLOW @1charmingday and @ruffaandmike on Twitter and post a tweet:
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    ADD this as the status message:
    I want to win Ruffa & Mike Photography’s 3rd yr Anniversary Giveaway on and get a free prenup shoot with styling and hair and makeup plus STD (Save the Date)  by Jake Olaso Wedding Films!”
  4. IMPORTANT: The theme of the engagement shoot is RUSTIC VINTAGE. Comment on this BLOG POST and share your most creative and interesting idea for a rustic vintage engagement shoot.  (Example: We both love music and reading books. We’d love to have an engagement session in a chic cafe and have vintage, hardbound books, old jukebox player as props…etc.)  Remember, your concept should have something to do with rustic vintage to qualify. The more creative and detailed, the better. 🙂


  1. Contest will run for the whole month of September.
  2. Winner will be chosen on October 1, 2013 and will be notified via email.
  3. Shoot will take place sometime between March – May 2014.
  4. Location/Permits/Snacks should be provided/paid for by the winning couple.
  5. Shoot location is within Metro Manila.  If the couple decides to have an out-of-town shoot, out-of-town fees will apply.

We are all looking forward to your entries.  Good luck soon-to-weds! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Ruffa & Mike Photography 3rd Year Anniversary Giveaway”

  1. This could be a dream come true for the both of us since the theme of our wedding is Rustic Vintage (how ironic it is 🙂 . Both of us love to take distorted and out of normal pictures. 🙂 to the point when we bought lomo/manual cameras to satisfy our urge on vintage pictures 🙂 We also love to listen to music, watch movies and goof around. If we will win this contest (cross fingers) We want our prenup as vintage as possible. We also want to incorporate manual cameras, photography and vinyls as props in a garden setup or in an old house. This is to show who we are as a couple. We are hoping to win this :))) thank you for this contest. Best gift for soon to be brides and grooms.. :)))) – Vhanie and Don

  2. We both love watching movies and eating! We could set the shoot in like an old theater or have a red carpet event, shoot can be on the red carpet with photographers at the side lines. Of course we should be wearing vintage clothes (my style icons are the olsen twins and nicole richie -on the red carpet) and should be getting down from a vintage car. Then there can be like a red carpet after party with a table spread like the great gatsby with metallic gold and feather trims/decorations! 🙂 i could already imagine it! I hope we win this! This is gonna be the best wedding gift ever!!!!! Thanks one charming day!!!

  3. We love watching movies and tv series. We love beautiful sets and thoughtful production designs. We would love to do an “Under the Tuscan Sun” inspired photoshoot. Remember the charming villa with so many wonderful details? We can mix 500 Days of Summer for a youthful vibe and maybe even throw in Doctor Who for an unexpected twist 😉

  4. I got so excited reading this… we both love beatles and old school rock and roll.. we both love travelling and taking pictures.. if we get chosen, this would be a dream come true for us because listening to old rock and roll music make it feel that we are together even though we are in a long distance relationship. we could have vintage vinyl records as props, shoot with a vintage beetle car and some old travelling bags with an old house as a background, as if we were hippies about to runaway together. We hope to win this contest, the theme really depicts who we are as individuals and as a couple! This will be everything that we hoped for! 🙂 Thank you One Charming day! 🙂 – Ketchup and Pendol

  5. Oh, and don’t forget that beautiful garden and pottery shed in It’s Complicated (with Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin) 🙂

  6. I want to win this promo for my baby sister. She deserves to have a lovely wedding with this kind of theme, just fit for them two. Who’s been together for almost ten years now. Rustic Vintage theme is simple, elegant, classic. Just right, as how I imagined it to be, Pink and chocolate Burlap theme, in a old restaurant settings. With the bride wearing a lace wedding gown, I just want this couple to have the best, a wedding that will be cherish and and they will achieve this, if I win this for them. Ruffa and mike photography, Jake Olaso wedding films, hair and make up by Kiss Mejia and styling by Ombre Vintage , what else can you ask for? It’s all there, thank you One Charming Day.

  7. We both love the outdoors, eco-friendly views with lots of greens, accompanied by beautiful sunrise and sunsets always makes us feel that love is in the air. 🙂 We’re a simple, fun and laid-back kind of couple that loves music, travel shop and most especially to eat! 🙂 We would love to have a simple garden-picnic-type/country vintage kind of theme; with guitars, old jukeboxes, and classic bikes as props with old houses as background, also filled with lots of greenery. 🙂 This is a dream come true for the both of US!!! I hope we could win this. 🙂 Thank you One Charming Day!!! – Choiman and Carlabeb

  8. Our vision would be a romantic and intimate scene from the movie The Great Gatsby… Maybe in a library or in a porch in front of a garden having breakfast. It has to exude “timeless” and “classic”…a love that never gets old and will forever be remembered -thus our vintage wedding theme, because that’s what “vintage” means to us. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is also another great inspiration… A scene like a walk in the park in the big city, feeding pigeons, proposing on a park bench with a Cracker Jack popcorn toy ring,,, cute!

    We would love an opportunity to work with the best in the wedding industry. We’re game to try new things, be silly, enjoy life and just have fun! And a vintage shoot was exactly what we wanted. We’re into pinup art, hubby’s into old motorcycles and likes to pretend he’s a bad boy from West Side story, and I sport the occasional suicide roll bangs just for fun… We want to be your winning couple! 🙂

    -Glen and Stacey

  9. Our concept of vintage and rustic engagement shoot has three different locations

    First, i want it to be in a beach with an old piano, i believe it will be more vintage if we will shoot during the sunset .Fortune island at nasugbu batangas would be a great location for this,the location has shipwreck which we could also use during the shoot. Otherwise we could also go to one of the beaches in bataan and at the same time use the old houses there to make it more rustic. Next would be on the old trains and railroads or could be on a boat in an abandoned mansion courtyard. I want to add some steampunk concept into the details since steampunk is always rustic and vintage. Lastly, one more amazing thing would be in an old office with a lot of vintage stuff – granfather clock, pocket watches, feather fountain pens and old paper…. antique furniture… then we can put a vintage car inside the office to make it look unique.

    Ohh, just by conceptualizing i can already imagine how beautiful this could be. We hope and pray to be the winning couple. We really think hard for these concepts. Thank you and Godbless you all 🙂 <3

  10. He always laughs at me whenever I sing with the song playing on the sunday radio but at the same time dances and goofs off to retro music. We both love travelling and was contemplating on shooting in an old plane yard. We’d love to have an old beat up rusty plane as our props/background. Lace dress/Corsets and a vintage umbrella for the bride. Suspenders, vintage hat and retro shoes for the groom. We’re definitely a fan of simple yet elegant setting that leaves a timeless beauty impression. We’re definitely hoping to be the perfect couple but if not, we’re sure this is going to be an excellent production especially with the team line-up. Thanks for putting this up! 🙂

  11. Rustic Vintage theme will not only be the best fit for our interests but will be PERFECT on our wedding. With profound love to each other, we found out that we both love travelling. We’ve dreamt of travelling not only to place but through time. Thus, looking forward to an engagement that will take us from 20’s to the present era. It’s like we’re inside the time capsule with different scenes from different times. Thus, making us lovers of all season!

  12. He’s my first boyfriend and I’m her first girlfriend and we are together for more than 10 years already and that was all started on our Junior-Senior Prom. Nothing is more rustic than that! Just Kidding! Now I’m dreaming of a classic vintage house like those of the Salvatore brothers in The Vampire Diaries. I can be Elena Gilbert and He’s my Damon Salvatore who travelled back time imitating our first dance. I’m excited! And that’s only possible if we will have the best team to work with us and that’s you. Please make our wishes come true! – Gladys & Julius

  13. Jeans and I are both artists, struggling and all. and we feel we are old souls at heart.

    Think Romance + Film Noir + Casablanca + The Postman Always Rings Twice, where the common thing between them is a powerful statement on human nature, sparked by a passionate love. While these films also feature a sort of pent-up violence and delusion that are also a big part of this genre, we’re looking to craft the same vitality into these scenes, but express it in the most romantic and hopeful way possible, sans the crime and violence of course. ^_^

    I imagine a frame at the onset of a voyage, it could be a train station, a port, or an air field, where I am either a WWII soldier heading out, a Sailor, or an Explorer headed for an arctic research grant, but always with the over-arching theme of the promise of return and re-unification with my leading lady. The scene will essentially start with an abode, with the relevant accoutrements of the rustic vintage era like gramophones, records, bell telephones, typewriters, and photographs adorning the set. There is conflict and tension because the gentleman is only forced to leave due to circumstance, but he promises to return. We want to make people care for the characters by giving more depth to their story.

    The second phase is the voyage, and the third is the reunion. It will be a happy ending, and the shots will be poignant, stylish, classy, and unique. I realize this is hard to make, but this is exactly the place where ideas can take flight, in the hands of excellent storytellers and visual artists like you. It will be an awesome piece that not only showcases how your combined talents produce a great narrative, but will also be treasured by us for years and years to come.

    Mabuhay po kayong lahat!

  14. Khel, my husband-to-be and I will be getting married in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar which we plan to have a modern vintage theme on our wedding in 2015. This is a great timing since we both love vintage since we feel that this is something that’s timeless and classic just like our love. Since we’re both into travelling, we’d love to have an outdoor engagement shoot that may require vintage suitcases, vintage car or bike with old books or maybe with white or ochre colored flowers. It can be like a rustic vintage themed picnic or outside an old church. It would be better if it is an afternoon session since we’d like a shot chasing the sunset. We’re hoping to complete our vintage journey until we reach the day we present our love to God.

  15. Thank God for your Rustic Vintage theme photo session! This could be a dream come true for both of us since Rustic Vintage is our theme for our wedding. It becomes perfect with the right setting, right accessories and the right couple.

    First, we picture us in a countryside setting, in expansive farm with well-manicured grass and long wooden fence, tree lines with falling leaves on the ground, an old barn, horses and wooden horse stables, cobblestone grounds, whitewash walls, bricks and wooden planks, heritage house with red-tiled roof, thick walls, intricately-designed huge wooden door and a grand wooden staircase. This setting is what we have planned for our pre-wedding photo shoot, in any of the locations that we have visited and fell in love with, like Hacienda Isabella, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Villa Escudero or Vigan.

    Second is to add the rustic charm with vintage items as decorations and accessories. Like the use of wooden arbor, old window pane, vintage frames, mason jars, tin cans, old kerosene lanterns, tweed suitcases, wooden crates, chalkboards, burlap, vintage books, lamps, clay pots, old wooden farm tools and so much more. Just how we both love and value the things that we treasure for so long, a 50-year old clay pot, a 70-yr old wooden chest, a 1959 issue of the National Geographic Magazine, an old wall clock, a black rotary phone, mementos from our travels and so much more.

    Lastly, having the right setting and vintage items, the only missing is the Perfect Couple. A couple who not only wished for a beautiful engagement shoot and a memorable wedding, but a couple who has proven to surpass the test of time.

    I’m getting married in 2014, in a simple, tranquil and sacred Catholic Chapel in a little Eden on a gently rolling land surrounded by indigenous trees, and shrubs, flowering and fragrant plants that line the walking paths or cling to branches overhead, grass lawns, a duck pond and meandering streams.

    I’m getting married in 2014 to the man I’ve met in 1985, fell in love with in 1986 and became my husband since 1989. Next year, 2014, is a great milestone for both of us as we are marrying again on our Silver Anniversary, with a love that becomes stronger as the years pass by, a love that is more meaningful as we grow older, a love that flourishes through the years, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, ’till death do us part…a real rustic and vintage love!

  16. Tagaytay has always been a special part of our hearts. It’s scenic beauty, cool winds and tasty eats makes us come back always. We are a couple who loves to enjoy such places.We have then decided that our wedding will be done in Tagaytay!

    Our ceremony will be done in Caleruega and reception in Splendido. Both venues have this feel of italian-meditteranean feel. Best fitting theme then is to have a Rustic Vintage Theme.

    If we’ll win this freenup, it will mesh well with the whole theme/idea we have for our wedding! 😀

    Our main idea for the photoshoot is “Sweet Italian Afternoon Escape”. Venues will be in Caleruega and Splendido. Maximizing Caleruega’s red brick walls and lush garden, while Splendido’s golf area and Lighthouse will be perfect to add the “italian” feel. I would be donning a white “lacey” dress and my man will be wearing a light blue long sleeves , khaki pants and in playful suspenders. We could have a picnic (with wine), “ligawan”, and so on.. simply enjoying the lazy afternoon sun..

    Thank you again Ruffa & Mike Photography and One Charming Day!

  17. Having a country style vintage wedding is a dream come true for us since both of us love being outdoors and enjoy woodsy and earthy materials. I can already picture ourselves in the swing, with my soon-to-be wife wearing a lacy dress with chic head dress and me wearing a white polo shirt and a suspender. Antique tables and chairs together with mis-matched crockery, napkins, vintage bottles and flowers in all sorts of unique containers would be the perfect props for a chic rustic vintage style of wedding. A barnyard with an old windmill would be a perfect background too! We hope we could win this perfect giveaway.. (fingers crossed!) =)

  18. Not that we have anything against picnics, vintage luggage, and gramophones – it just seems like it’s all been done before. What we haven’t seen before and would really love to do with you guys (given the chance – praying real hard for this!) are these rustic vintage settings that will capture a classic love that never goes out of fashion.

    The old boat. Think “The Painted Veil”. A grassy backdrop, an old fisherman’s boat, a vintage lace umbrella, pearl necklace for her, and suspenders for him. So much love and connection between two lovers can be conveyed from this simple setting. Maybe a dip in the water would make for some great gently-floating-in-the-water shots. And guess who’s not afraid of getting a little wet? Us. 🙂

    The pin-up girl and boy. Nothing too liberated, of course! Curly hair and red lips for her. White long sleeves and hat for him. Think Allie and Noah from “The Notebook”. We can have an ice cream cone, carved initials on a big tree, or even a lovely day at the beach. Can’t wait to play with the waves!

    Or how about… the Philippine version of rustic vintage? The typical probinsyana and probinsyano’s ligawan sa bukid. Tsinelas, panungkit ng hilaw na mangga sa puno, salakot, and santan. We could even throw in some cows. And goats. 🙂

    After 9 sweet and playful years of being together, we are finally tying the knot next year to celebrate the wonderful first decade of our love. We hope you liked our ideas as much as we did! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Hoping to see you guys soon! 🙂

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