A Rustic and Nature-Inspired Wedding From Sunday Morning Studios

Tying the knot in a place surrounded by greens and nature is an infallible way to get a stunning backdrop for any wedding.  That is evidently seen in this fun, rustic and nature-inspired wedding held at The Mango Farm in Antipolo City.  From the burlap, to the pretty mix of flowers and succulents, to the style and setting, this wedding has details that make it every bit rustic.  Let’s take a peak and get swept away with the beautiful imagery from the amazing team of Sunday Morning Studios who did not skip a beat in capturing this wonderful wedding of Mark and Camille.
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From the Bride: Love everything rustic and nature inspired -laid back and cozy. Love the outdoors and everything about trees and wood. Didn’t want a wedding where you can’t move and feel like everything is uptight. Yes you can easily be obsessed with the details but I guess being a designer helps a lot. (Mark’s a teacher and I’m an interior designer. He dealt with the budget and he left all the designing and theme to me. He said as long as he’s wearing a Barong he’s happy… it all worked out)

My favorite memory of the wedding would have to be the vows. I guess everyone says that a lot but the funny thing was we didn’t know who was gonna go first when the pastor said “you can now state your vows…” so we just ended up doing rock paper scissors and everyone just laughed…and of course everyone was crying as soon as we started our vows. It was all sorts of emotions that day. We weren’t really concerned about how everything will look (fine, maybe I was, a little bit) but for the most part we just saw each other and nothing else. What was crazy was that the moment we start to not care about everything else.. everyone started to see beyond all the superficial things around us. Everyone thought it was a beautiful wedding which was the icing on the cake for us. 😉

Planning a wedding is the most difficult part of the whole wedding process so… a bit of advise, on your BIG day just enjoy. Stop, let go of everything and just be in the moment. You don’t wanna be feeling like it didn’t happen when its over right? It’s your big day have a blast!

Ceremony and Reception Venue:  The Mango Farm
Photographer: Sunday Morning Studios | Sunday Morning Studios Facebook
Videographer: Stephen Wedding Film
Bridal Gown: ChristLee Marcelino (Reception Dress) and Tony Lopez (Ceremony dress)
Groom’s Barong: Store bought
Hair and Make Up: Chyla Guerrero
Event Stylist/Florist: SaSo Event Styling and Interiors
Caterer: K By Cunanan
Bridal Car: Don Roberts Bridal Cars
Invitation: Designed and Layout by me prints by Printed Matters
Host/Emcee: Lance Salvosa and Caira Dimson
Cake: Hearts and Bells

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